(Hour 3a,b&c)

Sid Glassner

Sid Glassner


Glassner joins Rich for our Is Our Children Learning segment.
They started off by tackling the casino issue that we have been discussing for the last couple days.  They
went on to discuss topics including the Department of Education and visas.

In the second segment they moved on to NAEP, or National Assessment of Educational Progress.  Most of the eighth graders scored very low on the history and the civics categories.  Sid tells us that this is an old story.  He doesn’t disagree, but brings up the point that we don’t do an adequate job at teaching our children.  Also, Wendy Stephens from Weare calls in to talk about the steam ahead program.

In the third segment Sid gave us a vocabulary test!  He shares with us some of the vocabulary words that children in the sixth grade (Ages 11-12) were tested on, during the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Ephemeral, aerogel and paroxysm are just some of the words in their.  To hear more listen in!

(Part 1:  Casinos and Visas)

(Part 2:  Nations Report Card and Steam Ahead)

(Part 3:  Vocabulary Lesson)