Ed Naile(Hour 1bc)  Ed Naile from the Coalition of NH Taxpayers came in for A Question of Voter Fraud.  In this edition, Ed and Rich tackle these questions:  How many people used Martha Fuller Clark’s domicile to vote in 2008?  We know of 3 Organizing for America campaigners, Bryan Gregory Griffith of Little Rock, Arkansas, Andrea Marie Riccio, and Ellen Rose Whelan-Wuest, who stole votes. What’s the deal with Motor Voter? Find out why this waiver, endorsed by then Governor Judd Gregg, has Manchester Ward 1 Moderator Diane Beaton frustrated with her experiences of these same-day voters. Furthermore, why was State Representative Charles ‘Chuck’ F. Weed of Keene never prosecuted for manufacturing affidavits?

Plus, Eric in Manchester called in to share a story of his own about working at the polls and voter fraud.

8-14-2013 Hour 1bc

Resources: Three Obama campaigners drop Fuller Clark address

Hear our last segment in the series.