Joe Kelly Levasseur‘s no stranger to controversy.  His outbursts and antics are well known, causing heads to shake around the state.  Sometimes people just don’t know how to take him and mistake his sense of humor for insult.  Such was the case when Tim DiVenuti took offense when he watched last week’s episode of The Will & Joe Show on Manchester Public TV.  Levasseur called him and Ed Sapienza, both of whom co-hosted the show last week, “no names” and that insulted DiVenuti, who sent an email to complain.  Levasseur’s response was a nasty take down of DiVenuti.

I stayed up until Midnight to watch a rerun of the show to witness what happened first hand and delayed the sending of our Weekly Wrap Up newsletter to get comment from Levasseur.  His replies show his hostility knows no bounds.  For the record, I don’t agree with DiVenuti’s assessment that Levasseur was insulting during the show.  But for a guy who was all over Ward 5 Alderman Ed Osborne for a recent run in with a special ed bus driver about how the aldermen have to always keep in mind how they act in public, this one was way over the top, even for Joe Levasseur.

By contrast, here is co-host Will Infantine‘s response to DiVenuti’s complaint.

Both are running or Alderman at-Large.  Which would you rather see elected?