Despite admitting that one of the guests staying at the home of Portsmouth State Senator Martha Fuller Clark was registered to vote in their home state, the NH Attorney General’s Office has incredibly found no evidence of voter fraud committed by the many who registered and voted from Fuller Clark’s address.  While registered to vote in Arkansas, Attorney Brian Gregory Griffith voted from Fuller Clark’s Portsmouth address by absentee ballot in the general Presidential election.  The AG’s office says that because Fuller Clark told them he stayed with her until sometime in December, that it was a vote legitimately cast.  We’ve linked to the story published by Seacoast Online on Saturday, where the AG’s office is reported to have cleared all other non-resident voters casting ballots from Fuller Clark’s address too.  Ed Naile, President of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers wasn’t amused by the AG’s findings, but neither was he surprised.  Of the AG’s findings Naile said Griffith quote:  “is a member of the Arkansas Bar, has voted in NH while he was domiciled in, residing in, working in, paying taxes in, holding a valid drivers license in – Arkansas.  That is a fact.  Domicile is a matter of fact – not NH Attorney General’s Office employees fantasy.”  End quote.  He said he will file a complaint with the Arkansas Bar against Griffith for violation of their domicile laws.  We’ve published an article by Naile on the matter with this news read at Girard at Large dot com and in a post on our the new page we’ve dedicated to voter fraud articles under our news tab at Girard at Large dot com.  Naile can be heard on this broadcast every Wednesday morning from six twenty to seven exposing voter abuses in our segment entitled A Question of Voter Fraud.

“No parade for you!”  That’s what Manchester Fire Chief James Burkush told the Manchester Fire Prevention Committee in cancelling the annual Fire Prevention Parade of fire trucks and bands that’s been coming down Elm Street more than 50 years.  The parade was typically held in October.  Burkush told Girard at Large that last year’s sparse crowd for the event caused him to rethink the annual tradition.  Instead of a parade down Elm Street, Burkush said fire trucks will be on display outside the Brady Sullivan Tower at one thousand Elm Street, that’s the big black one, in conjunction with the annual walk up the skyscraper’s stairwells which commemorates the sacrifice of emergency personnel on nine eleven, which will be held on October 6th.

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The Manchester School Board’s Curriculum and Instruction Committee will meet tomorrow night and while Chairman Sarah Ambrogi promised there would be a general discussion on Common Core, it looks like that discussion will actually be centered around samples of the curriculum guides developed by a consultant hired by the district to work with teachers to align Manchester’s curriculum to the standards, which while proposed, have yet to be adopted by the state.  The agenda item also notes that professional development will begin on implementing the guides in the schools with the first teacher workshop of the year and rolling their use out throughout the year.  Also on the agenda are the evaluation guidelines that will be used for teachers in so called “SIG Schools.”  Those are schools that received so called school improvement grant money from the federal government, which required them to be aligned to Common Core.  Nope, no federal involvement here.  Nothing to see here people…You can imagine we’ll be making some phone calls and will be on hand tomorrow night to see first hand what discussions are had.

Alderman at-Large Joe Kelly Levasseur has a way of making a non-story a story.  A misunderstanding between Levasseur and Tim DiVenuti, a fellow that guest hosts Levasseur’s public access television show from time to time, turned into a full blown story after Levasseur sent a profanity laced email threatening to slap DiVenuti up the head, among other things.  Aside from calling DiVenuti some colorful names, Levasseur used a few “can’t use those on Family Radio” adjectives to describe Mayor Ted Gatsas in the process.  Now, folks, I stayed up to watch the episode in question and actually didn’t think Levasseur insulted Mr. DiVenuti the way he felt he’d been insulted, which caused him to send an email, which got Levasseur to be his colorful self in response.  However, when I shared that with Levasseur in an email asking him if he had any comment about the email he sent to DiVenuti, he called me an idiot and a loser and told me to do whatever story I wanted to do.  Just to be sure, I sent a note back asking him to confirm that agreeing with him and asking for his comment before a story was written if at all, made me an idiot and a loser.  He did, so the story’s published in Oh My BLOG at girard at large dot com.

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