The Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen will meet tomorrow night and there are a number of items on the agenda.  We often hear the board’s gone to the dogs, but tomorrow night, that just might be true as the aldermen look to adopt ordinances dealing with vicious animals and changing how the city enforces it’s prohibition on pooch poop.  The Planning Board sent a letter to the aldermen saying thanks, but no thanks to Ward 5 Alderman Ed Osborne’s request that they identify the ward in which any project before it resides.  Past attempts to get them to do that have been resisted on the grounds that identifying the ward in which a project is being done would make the process too political.  It will also take up items regarding an upgrade to the electrical grid involving Gill Stadium, The J F K Coliseum and Beech Street School and a request from the School Board to not charge it for use of the city’s ice rinks and golf course for youth athletics…at least that’s what I think the letter from Superintendent Dr. Debra Livingston is asking for. We’ve uploaded it so you can see for yourself.  Plus, it will deal with the Requests for Proposal that have come out of committee for the sale and development of the Pearl Street and Bedford Street parking lots.  The board’s Committee on Traffic and Public Safety is poised to discuss changes to the city’s Winter parking regulations at the behest of Ward 2 Alderman Ron Ludwig.

Speaking of Dr. Livingston, we are still awaiting an answer to the question we posed following the August twenty seventh meeting of the Curriculum and Instruction Committee and that is this:  Will she proceed with implementing the realigned curriculum despite the committee’s unanimous vote to table the proposed revisions?  One would think this question would not take days to answer, frankly.  Also pending a response is the basis for her saying that the Manchester School District would lose twenty one million dollars in federal funding if it failed to align its curriculum to the so called Common Core State Standards.  We’ve requested proof of that claim and would think it would also be readily available.  And yes, were were serious about that.

News from our own backyard continues right after this.

Camp Allen has announced that tickets are now available for it’s third annual Night of Comedy, which supports their efforts to care for disabled kids at their facilities in Bedford.  Boston area comics Robbie Printz, Rob Steen and Jody Sloan will be on hand at The Yard Restaurant on Friday, October 11th.  The show starts at 6 and tickets are just thirty bucks.  Visit Camp Allen N H dot org for details.  Of course, we’ve linked to it.

The Manchester Police Department will host a community meeting at the Officer Michael Briggs Community Center/Manchester Police Athletic League headquarters building at the corner of Lake and Beech.  While many members the agency regularly meet with community organizations and watch groups, they want to be sure the entire community has the opportunity to meet with M P D’s command staff and receive and share information about what’s happening in our community.  The meeting will take place this Thursday evening, September 5th at 6.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

The town of Merrimack‘s 7th annual Fall Festival Business Expo is scheduled for September 28th.  It’s an opportunity for area businesses to see and be seen by other businesses and members of the public.  Event organizers say there are still affordable spaces available for businesses to showcase their stuff, with fees ranging between just thirty five and seventy five dollars.  If you’re interested in being seen by Merrimack’s town folk or your interested in visiting the expo as a guest, visit Merrimack Expo dot com.  Of course, we’ve linked to it.