Hassan:  Levying taxes that don't exist.

Hassan: Levying taxes that don’t exist.

07-25-2014 News

Looks like Governor Margaret Wood Hassan, the woman who, as a state senator, created the L L C Tax out of thin air to plug a massive hole in her budget proposal, is at it again.  This time, she’s attempting to apply the state’s Real Estate Transfer Tax, a one point five percent tax on the sale of real property or the lease of real property for a period of ninety nine years or longer split equally between buyer and seller, to all so called “ground lease transfers.”  A ground lease transfer typically is a long term lease of property designed to allow a developer or tenant to recover significant capital investments in a property they don’t own.  According to a press statement released by the New Hampshire Republican Party, Hassan tried to change state rules to subject ground leases to the tax, but withdrew in the face of criticism from the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules, saying the rules don’t need to be changed because the law already taxes the leases.

Reagan:  Oh no you don't!

Reagan: Oh no you don’t!

Oh no it doesn’t says State Senator John Reagan, Republican from Deerfield.  Quote “If the Governor wants to expand the Real Estate Transfer Tax, she’ll need to get a bill passed.  She can’t make such a major policy change on a whim,” said Reagan, who chairs the rules committee, added quote: “Not only would the Governor’s Lease Tax hurt our struggling real estate sector, but any such retroactive tax increase would create tremendous uncertainty in our tax code.  New Hampshire businesses can’t operate when the Governor can increase their tax bills whenever she feels like it.”  G O P gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein released a statement hammering Hassan saying quote:  “Circumventing the Legislature is no way to govern.  If Maggie Hassan wants to raise taxes, she should be honest with voters and try to get a bill passed.  This latest action reveals a disturbing pattern of behavior, which shows that Maggie Hassan thinks she’s above the law.”

Boutin:  With "tax fighters" like him...

Boutin:  Sends misleading mailer

State Senator David Boutin, Republican from Hooksett, is coming under fire for a piece that hit mailboxes yesterday.  In the flier, he portrays himself as quite the tax fighter and opponent of big government, claiming, among other things, that he voted for a budget that didn’t raise taxes and opposed a state run Obamacare program.  The problem for Boutin is that he neglects to say he voted for a twenty three percent increase in the Gas Tax, which many believe violates the pledge he took to oppose any new or increased broad based taxes, and he voted to implement Obamacare by expanding the state’s Medicaid program, which has started a state run program and will continue as one unless the federal government grants a waiver requested by the state to funnel Obamacare funds through insurance companies to expand public Medicaid rather than through the state.  A onetime supporter of Boutin, who asked to remain anonymous, said the mail piece was further evidence that Boutin had become a quote “creature of Concord” and was quote “no longer a conservative by conviction or conscience.”  Hey, all I know is when I saw the mail piece, I had to wonder why, if he believes he did the right thing by voting to raise the gas tax and expand Medicaid to implement Obamacare, he just didn’t come right out and say so.

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Hernandez:  Questions remain

Hernandez: Questions remain

A sketch of the person who allegedly absconded with Abigail Hernandez has been released by the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office and we’ve uploaded it here with this news read at Girard at Large dot com.  Hernandez has given a description of the man she says drove her away in a navy blue pick up truck last October ninth.  Law enforcement authorities are still attempting to ascertain and confirm information as to whether this man or any others who may have been involved with Abigail’s disappearance took her against her will, enticed her away, detained her or concealed her whereabouts for the last nine months.  It is a felony for any person to take, entice away, detain or conceal any child under the age of eighteen who is unrelated by blood.  Investigators say if the investigation reveals any evidence that a crime was committed, all appropriate charges will be brought.  In the meantime, Attorney General Joseph Foster said quote “Law enforcement must now obtain satisfactory answers to the questions surrounding the facts and circumstances of Abigail’s disappearance and nine month absence.”  End quote.  He urged parents to remain vigilant over their children until more is known about what happened.  The man is described as having darkish skin, dark brown eyes, black stubble facial hair and a large build, who was slightly overweight and slightly taller than her five foot four self.

Carroll:  Gets promotion.

Carroll: Gets promotion.

New Boston resident Heather Carroll has been promoted to Regional Manager of the New Hampshire branch of the Massachusetts/New Hampshire Alzheimer’s Association®.  Carroll, who has been a guest on this show, previously held the title of Coordinator of Programs and Public Policy for the association.  She will oversee the continued outreach in New Hampshire through programs and support for those with Alzheimer’s as well as family and professional caregivers and fund raising and awareness events.  In a statement released to the press, Carroll said she was looking forward to quote “continuing to fight for better infrastructure, community support and quality of life for the 22,000 people living with dementia in New Hampshire.”

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