After a marathon session that included a lengthy presentation by Town Planner Brian Rose and an onslaught of speakers from a crowd whose numbers totaled more than one hundred fifty, the Goffstown Planning Board voted not to adopt the proposed Plan Pinardville Community Plan.  Goffstown State Representative John Burt said quote “It was a good night.  The government listened to the people” after the session that went more than four hours.  Planned Pinardhood Ad Hoc Committee Member Cheryl Anderson, speaking as a resident, asked Planning Board Member Barbara Griffin to recuse herself from the vote because she said her role as Chairman of the Southern New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission presented a conflict of interest.  The commission has been actively involved in assisting Goffstown and other communities with these sustainability grants.  Griffin, after complaining she wished she’d know of that concern ahead of time so she could have prepared a response, declined to step down.  Rose tried valiantly to rescue the plan, stating the opposition was fearful based on inaccurate information and that the Planning Board could take from the plan what it liked and change what it didn’t.  Any hope that would come about ended with an Pinardville Resident said that the neighborhood  was tired of being dumped on by the town and that people feel threatened by the proposal she said jeopardized peoples homes, property and even lives.  Whatever members saw as the pros and cons of the plan, and there was plenty said on both sides of the topic, Board Chairman John Hikel seemed to sum it up when he noted that disapproval of the plan didn’t mean it disappeared from the planet.  He noted that the town will still have the documents, could still look at what it liked, but in voting it down, would terminate the relationship with the federal government created through the acceptance of the grant, which seemed to be the issue.  He echoed several speakers who said the town could rezone itself without the federal government being involved.  Of course, we’ll have more on this this morning and we’ve linked to our live forum blog of the meeting so you can see how this rowdy meeting with cheers and jeers went down in real time!

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Girard at Large received information yesterday that indicates the Manchester School District has either applied directly to the federal government for Race to the Top education funding or has notified the feds of its intent to do so.  As we are receiving information from parents about the course work their children are bringing home under the new academic regimen that’s been implemented in the schools without approval of the board, Girard at Large filed an inquiry yesterday with Superintendent Debra Livingston on the matter.  The acceptance of federal Race to the Top funding requires the full acceptance of and alignment to the so called Common Core State Standards.  Since it was Manchester’s refusal to comply with the conditions of Race to the Top funding about two years ago, the city refused reassign the principals and fifty percent of the staffs at four schools deemed to be unsatisfactory by the feds, was the reason N H didn’t get Race to the Top money in the first place, inquiring minds want to know who wants these grant funds now and who, if anyone, approved their pursuit.  We’ll keep you up to date.  Oh, and just so you know, since kids are coming home with all this Common Core specific stuff, we sent an inquiry before this morning’s broadcast asking just what’s been bought, when it was ordered and what it cost, among other things.  Funny that this all seems to be happening without anybody’s knowledge.  NOTE:  The School District replied to our inquiry after we went off the air.

The Hooksett Town Council has launched the Hooksett Youth Achiever of the Month Award.  They’re looking to recognize kids twenty one and younger for special achievements.  We’ve uploaded their press release with the details in this newscast at Girard at Large dot com, so go take a look.  While you’re there, check out the press release from the Hooksett Chamber of Commerce.  They’ve announced that Christina Zlotnick has signed on as their new Executive Director.

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