The New Hampshire School Boards Association opened fire on the rule changes proposed by the State Board of Education needed to implement the Common Core State Standards.  Saying the association has quote “continuing concerns over the erosion of local school board/district governance by both the state and US departments of educati0n” end quote N H S B A Executive Director Theodore Comstock wrote the association believes the proposed rules are quote “an unnecessary and inappropriate over-reach into the legal and policy making domain of school boards and citizens of local school districts.”  End quote.  Comstock also expressed what has become a familiar frustration with the state Department of Education in writing quote “On behalf of its members, N H S B A has posed various questions to department officials concerning these new initiatives, seeking clarity as to impact on local school districts, with the hope that answers would enable understanding and support for the initiatives.  Those questions have largely been unanswered, to date.”  End quote.  The association also wrote and I quote, “Significantly, while the department has stated that its intent is to keep these changes cost neutral, the overarching reality is that the proposed changes will have significant financial impact on local school districts and local communities.” End quote.  Among the other areas of concern are, which are huge, are the regulatory burden imposed on school administrators and quote “the use of vague language, undefined terms and lack of consistent definitions.”  The school board association also said the time frame to impose the rules, if they were to be adopted was also unrealistic, noting it is quote “unclear when these rules will become effective and when local school districts would need to begin implementing them.” End quote.  We have, of course, posted the letter in its entirety with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.  We’ll certainly have something to say about this and don’t be surprised if we ask Manchester Superintendent Debra Livingston about the letter during our exclusive interview this morning.

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Tomorrow is Primary Day in the City of Manchester.  Voters will go to the polls to narrow the field of mayoral candidates down to two.  Incumbent Mayor Ted Gatsas, Ward 12 Alderman Patrick Arnold and Glenn RJ Ouellette are on the ballot.  In addition, voters will winnow the field to two in primary races for alderman in wards 2, 9, 10, 11 and 12 and for school board in wards 2, 6, and 12.  Voters in Ward 7 will also vote in a special election for state representative to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of disgraced Democrat Patrick Garrity, the no show state rep. who attacked his ex wife and her male companion at a local social club.  Former State Rep. Ross Terrio is the Republican on the ballot.  Mary Heath, who has made her expansive views of government no secret, is the Democrat.  Voter turnout is expected to be light across the city as Arnold remains a relative unknown and Gatsas is expected to win the vote handily.

Hooksett Town Councilor Leslie Boswak will resign her seat on the council effective September 30th.  A press release sent from Hooksett Town Manager Dean Shankle did not specify the reason why Boswak, an at-Large member whose term does not expire until June, two thousand fifteen, resigned.  Shankle announced the board is accepting applications for the position as the town charter requires it be filled within thirty days of the vacancy’s occurrence.  Expressions of interest should be sent to Shankle’s attention at Town Hall not later than October 1st as the council will take the matter up at its October 9th meeting.  We’ve attached the details to this news read at Girard at Large dot come for your convenience.

Cornerstone Policy Research will host a forum tomorrow night on the so called Common Core State Standards at the Institute of Politics at St. Anselm College.  A handful of nationally acclaimed experts on both education reform and the Common Core will not only present to the gathered audience, they will engage in a give and take question and answer session.  Headlining the event is Dr. Sandra Stotsky, who was hired by Common Core to review and validate their proposed standards.  She refused to do so.  We interviewed Dr. Stotksy, who is largely credited for engineering Massachusetts’ phenomenal, nation leading turn around in test scores about a decade ago, and hope that someone with a proven track record of getting results will be heard.  We’ve linked to the event’s details with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.  If you care about education, this is an attend at all costs event!

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