sustainable development(Hour 2a, c) Is Plan Pinardhood coming to Second Street?  Rich is alarmed about the lack of responsiveness by local officials and the lack of information on the websites that are supposed to inform us about what exactly is going on in our own backyard. Get the details! Dave from Hooksett called in to share his concerns.

Here are the docs to which Rich referred in his expose.  (Anyone know how to get the little accent over the e?)

Second Street Grant Agreement, Second Street Grant Agreement Exhibit B, Second Street Grant Agreement Exhibit C, Second Street press release 9_23_13Second Street complete-streets-comment-summary, Second Street complete-streets-design-considerations, Second Street complete-streets-presentation, Second Street complete-the-streets-strategies, Second Street health-impact-assessment-fact-sheet .  For comparison, here’s the Pinardville contract agreement.