Ed Naile(Hour 1b, c) Ed Naile defined “mobile domiciles” for us andhow it relates to Strafford County Judge John Lewis’ role in the Hannah Rivers case. He also described the new “Special Class of Voter” that has been established by the NH District Attorney due to his unwillingness to prosecute folks from out of state, including Gilbert Parker, Melissa Shohet, Sarah N. Austino, Alana Biden, Taylor Pacheco, and Paolo Cozzi, who voted in our elections. ¬†Are Obama supporters immune from the law? ¬†Apparently so and Ed detailed some of the professional campaign workers, college students and previous residents who have voted in Manchester, Nashua and all over NH. Not to mention those individuals like Martha Fuller Clark, Assistant Attorney General Michael K. Brown, Millie Knudson, and Representative Cindy Rosenwald, who allowed these non-residents to vote using their home address. Find out what lengths Ed goes to when investigating these fraudulent voters. If Wisconsin has the same domicile law as NH, why are fraudulent voters being arrested and convicted there and not here? Is it time for NH to come up with a new way of choosing our Attorney General?