Girard at Large Election NightOur humble host was joined by Mike Lopez and Jim Gaudet for Live Election Night coverage.  The issues, the candidates and the campaigns were discussed before election results starting coming in, fast and furious.  The final half-hour had us listening in on the Mayor Gatsas Victory speech and we had conversations with political players, past and present, all night long!

(Hour 1) Our hosts discussed the local campaigns and the Manchester Charter.  Steve called in with a couple of questions.  Patrice called in with what she saw at the Ward 8 polling station.  Other callers: Pat who was eager for election return numbers and  Wayne from Ward 7.  Mama Gatsas joined us, too!

(Hour 2) Jane called in to compliment her favorite Republican and remind the panel of an historic event.  Clancy fom Ward 2 called in to share his frustration about crime in his neighborhood.  Mike from Ward 9 called in to comment on crime as the election return numbers started coming in.  Sandy from Ward 2 called in to criticize the conservatives on our panel.  Will Infantine called in to correct our numbers and we had numbers from Ward 6 , Ward 7 and Ward 9.  Patrice called in with numbers from Ward 8.  Next, numbers from Ward 12, Ward 1, Ward 4, and Aldmermanic races in Ward 10 and Ward 2.  Alderman Ed Osborne called in with numbers from Ward 5 and we called the races for Mayor (Gatsas) and Welfare Commissioner (Martineau).  Bob from Ward 2 called to get clarification on Ward 2 numbers.  Charlie Sherman introduced the Mayor for his victory speech.

(Hour 3) Mayor Ted Gatsas gave his victory speech. Numbers from Ward 10 then a visit with our panel by the Mayor.  Other guests to visit our table: Ward 6 School Board member Robyn Dunphy, former Mayor Bob Baines,  Ward 10 Alderman Phil Greazzo and Welfare Commissioner Paul Martineau called in.  More visitors to our table: School Board candidate Christine Duffley and former Mayor Ray Wieczorek.  DJ Dave had a vote count for our hosts and Christopher Duffley helped us close out our show in style.