Rich Pondering(Hour 1a, 2a, 3a) Rich started the show by eating some crow on some of his election predictions.  Some were solid, some were not.  A closer than expected contest, he’s looking forward to diving into the numbers. 

(Hour 1a) Rich clarifies how his predictions are not necessarily his wishes and he examined the numbers more closely for Alderman at Large.  And gave kudos to the Democrats for getting the vote out.

(Hour 2a) Rich gave props to Patrick Arnold for giving Mayor Gatsas “a run for his money.”  Also, the ENORMOUS amounts of money spent by the Unions.  Jon DiPietro called in to comment on the Local campaigns, “Thuggery works!”  Eddie from Manchester called in to salute Arnold for a race well run.

(Hour 3a) Compliments on our coverage from candidate Dan Mattingly and Melissa from Manchester, coverage that included nearly 70 interviews of the candidates in our unmatched local coverage.  And our attempts to be fair.