Ed Naile(Hour 1b, c) Ed Naile came in with more stories of out-of-staters corrupting our elections.  In addition to Alan Biden and Martha Fuller Clark, one of his favorite examples of voter fraud is how Hanover Town Moderator Willie Black allowed Patrick Gilbert, a resident of London, to use his college id to vote in a NH election. Ed tells how Stephanie C. Sinclaire, a MA resident, was elected to the NH House of Representatives and served on the Election Law Committee. Seriously! He also focuses on Alysha Tierney, who works for Organizers for America.  She lives in Ludlow, MA but votes in Nashua, NH because she’s “established a presence” with a State Rep. there.  Also, folks “domiciled” at Bear Brook State Park.  At a camp site?!  Ed claims that going to court in the State of NH is a “rigged deal” and a waste of time.  “We must seek justice out-of-state.”  OH!  MY!  HEAD!