It’s Phil “Dumbo” Denbow versus John “Angry Elf” Lyscars on the Hooksett School Board and I have to say its looking like Lyscars has become quite the smack-down artist.  Last week, Lyscars sent an email to Board Chair Trisha “The Gavel” Korkosz  asking her to work with Superintendent Charles “Chucky The Super” Littlefield to post the special meeting called by himself and board Vice Chair David “The Pariah” Pearl.  In noting the rules allowed him and Pearl to call a special meeting, he expressed hope that something might change in one of the other members schedules to provide a quorum.  That seemed to anger Dumbo Denbow shot an email back saying and I quote “I will reply again for those not listening…I am not available for this meeting.”  End quote.  The Angry Elf’s reply?  This is great:  Quote  “For those who aren’t listening…to the public that is…David and I will be hosting a meeting to share with the public what we know, and more importantly listen to what the public has to say to us, their representatives.”  End quote.  So, it looks as if Lyscars and Pearl will be in the Cawley Middle School’s Media Center at 7 P M on Monday the eighteenth to present the pending agreements with other communities and get public feedback.  Question is, will they present the STEAM Ahead initiative just announced in Manchester as it pertains directly to West High School, one of their two current Manchester high school options.  In any event, the public is welcome to attend, Denbow’s availability to be there notwithstanding.

The New Hampshire Grange is holding a blood drive at the Center of New Hampshire Radisson Hotel tomorrow in downtown Manchester.  One of our listeners, a member of the Manchester chapter, sent us a note asking us to publicize it.  It’s Friday the 15th, which is tomorrow, from ten A M to three.  Appointments may be made by visiting or calling one eight hundred RED CROSS.

St. Mary’s Bank held the official grand opening of its new headquarters in  the city’s old Flat Iron District, also known as McGregorville on the West Side yesterday.  Mayor Ted Gatsas and Banking Commissioner Glenn Perlow were among the two hundred guests at the ribbon cutting.  Calling the completion of the modern twenty nine thousand square foot building a “milestone,” St. Mary’s President Ron Covey, Jr. said they now had a state of the art facility to move the credit union forward and meet the financial needs of its eighty thousand members across New Hampshire.  Gatsas characterized the building, located on the site of its previous headquarters, as a quote very pivotal piece of economic development on the West Side.”  St. Mary’s will hold two open houses for their members to check things out tomorrow from ten to Noon and from two to four.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Central High School will hold a school wide trash sort tomorrow from quarter of eleven until one thirty.  They’re participating in America Recycles Day, also known as Trash on the Lawn Day.  The point of the exercise, during which a whole bunch of school trash will be dumped on the Small Quad, is to evaluate how much material is being recycled versus how much could be recycled and influence purchasing practices.  Hands-on, school wide activities including educational workshops and new recycling bins for each classroom are part of the program, which is being enabled by grants from New Hampshire the Beautiful and cooperation from school district, Waste Management and AaramarkWe’ve posted the media alert with the details in this news read at Girard at Large dot com.

The Merrimack Police Department is now accepting applications for its 19th Annual Citizen’s Police Academy.  The Academy is scheduled to run from January 22, until March 23.  Its objective is to acquaint residents of Merrimack with their police department. The ten week course enables participants to understand the professional standards to which officers in Merrimack are held and educate them on the day-to-day operations and duties of the various divisions within the department.  Applicants are subject to a background check prior to being admitted to the Academy.  Class is limited in size, so be sure to apply early.  To apply, visit our news read at Girard at Large dot come.  We’ve uploaded all the details.