Attention Parents,

If you drive your children to school please choose an appropriate location to drop your child off. You should not stop in the travel lane of Beech St or Maple St since this places your child, yourself, as well as other motorists in danger. It only takes one driver who is not paying complete attention and who does not notice that you are stopped to cause a serious collision, which could lead to your child sustaining serious injuries.
– Please take a moment to pull to the side of the roadway in a safe and legal location to drop your child off. There is a “drop off zone” on the western side of Beech St between Lowell St and Concord St. If using this “drop of zone” please do not remain stopped there for an extended period of time since other parents need to utilize the location as well. The right side of the road is the preferred side so your child can exit on the curb side and not into the roadway side.
– Please check your mirrors for on coming traffic before allowing your child to exit your vehicle.
– Please encourage your child to use available crosswalks if they need to cross the street after being dropped off. Entering the roadway from between parked cars is a hazard since approaching the parked cars can obstruct the sight line of approaching cars as well as impair your child’s ability to see approaching cars.

Thank you and please drive safely.
Sergeant Andrew Vincent – Traffic Unit

Manchester Police Department Notice