Marilinda Garcia(Hour 1a, b & Hour 2c) State Rep. Marilinda Garcia (R-Salem) came in this morning, and she wasn’t even wearing stilettos!  The candidate for Congress had much to say about what’s happening in our own backyard and in Washington, DC.  And how half of the time state business is “trying to get out from under the Federal Government.”  Her take on Obamacare and how it is affecting not just the budget process in Concord, but the people of NH.  Why is she running for Congress and what would her priorities be if elected?

12-13-2013 Hour 1a, b

(Hour 2c) Rich and DJ Dave had a conversation about early winters, Rep. Garcia and the content of one’s character vs. the color of one’s skin.  In the spirit of the season (and early winters), we played a new Jeff Furlotte Christmas parody.

12-13-2013 Hour 2c

Here’s our exclusive video of the interview: