Kurt Wuelper(Hour 3b, c) Kurt Wuelper and his wife got involved in the Right to Life movement in the 1990’s after he came into contact with Alan Keyes.  He is currently the President of NH Right to Life.  He and Rich had an in-depth discussion on the Abortion Battle in NH and all over the United States.  The Feminist Movement was originally against abortions because it hurts women, according to Kurt.  And he believes pregnancy is not an ailment or a disease, it’s a gift that gets treated like a disease by society.  Tune in for Kurt’s take on the evil of abortion, what his organization is doing to change the “Culture of Death” and how they’re only supporting political candidates that are 100% Pro- Life.  “You can’t be 40 to 50% Pro-Life. And the lesser of two evils is still evil.”

01-13-2014 Hour 3b, c