While the sender of this email identified themselves to us, we have withheld their identity per their request.  We encourage those, like this person, live in our own backyard to share news, comments, questions and more from our own backyard!  ~~RH Girard

I would love for you to look into the Goffstown School Budget and ask some questions for me. Such as:

Why do they have so many administrators?  Five at the middle school and losing 60 kids from Dunbarton.  We are paying good money for a principal of the kindergarten???  Why not have lead teacher or one of the many middle school administrators go back and forth to deal with the many issues kindergarten students bring up (what a cushy job).  The high school has 7 administrators, and that doesn’t include the 3 other administrators that are housed at the high school that are “district” administrators.

Could you also ask why the assistant principal and the high school curriculum coordinator are teaching classes, yet still getting full admin pay?  If they have that kind of time, why do we need so many administrators?  You can also ask about why the principal and the assistant principal live in other towns, yet their children go to Goffstown schools for free.

Also, you can ask why they pay for the “part time” Asst. Dean of Students out of the substitution line. Are they hiding something???

Why do we have 6 guidance counselors at the high school (including the admin)?  We are losing students from Dunbarton next year.  Besides, they don’t do anything anyway.  My daughter is a senior and she’s seen her counselor 5 times, 3 for 5 minutes to do scheduling and 2 because my daughter went to ask questions about college.  What a novel idea for counselors to reach out to students at least twice a year to check in with them about how things are going.

Also, why do we have two asst. superintendents when there are ONLY 5 SAU’s in the state with 2?  We already have two curriculum coordinators at the middle and high school, so we don’t need an Asst. Superintendent.  Besides, isn’t that part of the school buildings responsibility, the CURRICULUM!?

I have students in the school district and do worry about some lash-back on them, so I would like to keep my name anonymous at this time