Sid Glassner(Hour 3a, b, c) David from Hooksett called in on Voter Fraud in Hooksett involving students at SNHU.  Sid Glassner is certainly NOT a fraud on educational issues.  Glassner shared his considerable (… read more…)  academic credentials and his “well developed skeptism” for the Federal Government’s “One Size Fits All” model.  Like No Child Left Behind, Common Core gets away from the personal approach he believes every child flourishes under.  Sid was critical of the media, politicians and Educrats for the most current “Crisis” in Education.  Proponents for Common Core, the “Behind Closed Doors Process” of Common Core and Corporate Cronies at the Department of Education in Washington DC also came under fire in this enlightening segment.  Doris Hohensee of NH Families for Education called in (19:07) to inform us of an important hearing coming next week.  Is the NH Dept. of Education exceeding their authority?

Here’s the referenced excerpt on Rational Skepticism from Glassner’s soon to be published book.

01-23-2014 Hour 3a, b, c