1200 Elm St(Hour 3b) Apparently a couple of busloads of students from SNHU tried to vote in Ward 1 during the 2012 election and were sent packing by election workers because nobody had an ID or (… read more…) Proof of Address.  Hooksett election officials are still waiting for Proof of Citizenship from a whole bunch of Same Day Voters.  Who needs Fraudsters from Hooksett?  We’ve got over 200 (and counting) Voting Fraudsters “living” at 1200 Elm Street.  And they all have the same birthday.  Or none at all!  Wonder how Manchester City Clerk Matt Normand feels about this happening in his city? There were over 99,000 Same Day Voters in NH in 2012.  How many were legitimate? Why aren’t the affidavits signed by these fraudulent voters, like Caitlin Ann Legacki, subject to the state’s Right to Know Law? Perhaps Secretary of State William Gardner and the NH Attorney General’s office could enlighten us!

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01-24-2014 Hour 3b