Coach Jimmy Lauzon

(Hours 2a,b) Rich opened the hour by updating the listeners about the future of the Is Our Children Learning segment in the absence of Anchor Sid Glassner.  He then shared about the national Youth Risk Behavior study, before talking about feedback that he has received concerning Jimmy Lauzon’s Sports In Our Own Backyard segment.  Finally, he commented on the different perspectives that have come with the different show anchors and took a call from Eddy in Manchester, who shared his opinion about the changing role of teachers.

Click here to view the surveys.  Click here for the national Youth Risk Behavior study.


(Hour 2b) Rich continued with Eddy in Manchester, who commented on Maxine Mosely’s eagerness in working with the office of Civil Rights.  They discussed the relationship between teachers and unions and talked about state assistance, before Rich asked Eddy about his conversation on a television show.  Rich then talked about the parental ability to fully provide for children.  Tune in to hear all about it!