CNHT Ed Naile(Hour 1b, c) Coalition of NH Taxpayers Chairman Ed Naile congratulated Manchester City Clerk Matt Normand for “doing the best he can” on Voter Fraud in the (… read more…) Queen City.  There’s not much Matt can do, contends Ed because he is stuck contending with a lax system that promotes Voter Fraud in our City and our State.  Ed “Nailes” the organizations, fraudsters Caitlin Ann Legacki, David Kelly Kieves, Katherine Joan Bedingfield, and Nicole Marie Thurber, “residing” at 1200 Elm Street, Manchester and their domiciles, like Kathy Sullivan’s and Martha Fuller Clark’s houses. Ryan Flynn, a Democratic campaign worker who lived with Martha Fuller Clark, admitted he was told by his bosses to vote in NH, even though he didn’t live here! Listen in another head-shaking edition of A Question of Voter Fraud.

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01-29-2014 Hour 1b, c