Sid Glassner 2(Hour 3a, b, c) Rich sang the praises of Matt Cotterton and Matt Normand before we got down to business with Sid Glassner for “Is Our Children Learning?”  The short answer: NOPE.  Sid (… read more…)has over 56 years of experience with Public Education and isn’t happy with what he describes as the “Hostile Takeover of Public Education” in America.  The Principal and teachers at the Fairgrounds Middle School in Nashua recently conducted a test on Smarter Balance tests.  The results?  VERY bad.  Tune in to hear the what the teachers actually had to say.  Some of it QUITE SHOCKING!  Are we spinning the same wheel with Common Core?  Set aside 40 minutes to hear why Sid is sounding off about the “Testing Abuse” taking place alongside the implementation of the latest Federal Government “solution” that is the newest in a very long line of the “One Size Fits All” educational model.

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Here’s the excerpt on Rational Skepticism he read from his soon to be published book.  It lit up our Twitter page with requests for publication!

01-30-2014 Hour 3a, b, c