Ed Naile(Hour 1c) 1200 Elm Street is apparently over capacity with Voting Fraudsters because 190 Second Street is starting to board at least one of them.  Geoff Wetrosky, who first stayed with Kathy Sullivan when her fraudulently voted, now claims 190 Second Street Manchester as his address.This multi-family property, owned by the Goya Friendly Nut Trust, has room for more!

Caitlin Ann Legacki, who worked for both Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Senator Claire McCaskill, was recently discovered to also be a registered voter in Washington DC, in addition to NH, NC and Missouri. These are just a couple of examples of locations where cheaters nest.  CNHT’s Ed Naile names a few and shares his strategy to “bag” one, or a group of them, at NH Superior Court! He certainly has a long list to choose from, including the Organizing for America campaigners and those who resided at Assistant Attorney General Michael Brown’s and Millie Knudson’s houses. Manchester City Clerk Matthew Normand will certainly be busy updating the voter checklist. 

02-12-2014 Hour 1c