02-20-2014 News

Saying they have received numerous email and in person requests to do something about his peculiar behavior and that he has humiliated administrators and engaged in disrespectful behavior toward staff and citizens alike, the Hooksett School Board voted to censure its outspoken member John Lyscars.

Girard at Large received several emails sent to the Hooksett School Board throughout the day yesterday from Lyscars critics pointing to the censure of Manchester Alderman at Large Joe Kelly Levasseur which asked if Manchester can do it, why can’t we?  Vociferous Lyscars Critic Alyssa Ehl noted she’d repeatedly asked the board to censure him and urged the Hooksett board to follow Manchester’s lead.  Among those clamoring for his censure was former campaign opponent Jennifer Leger who has dogged Lyscars since losing the race last March.

In addition to his sometimes over the top behavior at board meetings, motion maker Phil “Dumbo” Denbow also referenced social media posts that had upset board members and citizens alike.  Lyscars vigorously defended himself in the face of the charges, often putting statements cited back into their actual context and noting that he too has been the victim of savage social media posts and disrespectful behavior at meetings and elsewhere that has damaged his reputation in the community.

Board Chair Trisha “The Gavel” Korkosz frequently gaveled Lyscars out of order as he tried to defend himself against the charges and Board Clerk Cheryl “BT” Akstin interrupted him on multiple occasions on their way to voting for censure.  Vice Chairman David Pearl was absent from the meeting.

It is interesting to note the censure motion came at a special meeting called to meet with legal counsel to deal with instructing board members on their proper role and function at which the board unanimously voted to post a public notice, send administrators a letter, and send themselves a letter advising as to the proper role of the board and it’s members, even including instructions on how to send email that is not board approved.

Later that evening, the S A U Fifteen School Board, of which Hooksett is a part, went into non-pubic session on matters that might adversely affect a non-board member’s reputation to deal with the complaint filed by Hooksett resident Jason Hyde after Superintendent Charles “Chucky The Super” Littlefield threatened to rip his “effing esophagus” out.  After sealing the minutes indefinitely, the board chair said the Chucky had been quote unquote instructed on his behavior and noted the matter was being referred back to the Hooksett School Board, which referred the matter to the S A U board three months ago, so they can deal with it under their K E B policy, which basically says they don’t have to deal with it and you can bet they won’t.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Manchester Alderman at-Large Joe Kelly Levasseur took to the airwaves last night but did not engage in the tell all rebuttal to the Attorney General’s damning report on his untrue and unfounded allegations made against various members of the Manchester Police Department, as promised.  Instead, he apologized to Ward 7 Alderman Bill Shea for whatever he did to so offend him that he would go off like he did and said he went too far in getting on his knees to make fun of Officer Steve Maloney, for whom he only had praise.  However, he restated stories of intimidation and continued his claim that Chief David Mara then Captain Nick Willard told him he wasn’t allowed to criticize the Manchester Police Department as an alderman and employee of the city.  He also flatly denied calling Attorney General Joseph Foster inept and inquiring how he could be fired and denied calling Maloney a “twerp” and Mara a “weasel” on facebook and said it must of been on someone elses page, because he couldn’t find it on his.  He said if anyone has pictures of the posts, he wanted to see them.  Well, Joe, as the person who first published the posts, which were sent to me by people who follow your page, just know that I’ve posted all the threads from your facebook page again with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com and highlighted what you denied writing.  I guess we can add another item to the list of things Joe Kelly Levasseur denies doing despite obvious proof to the contrary.  JKL FB 2-16 & 2-12 twerp/weasel, JKL FB 2-13-14 inept/fired, JKL FB 2-17-14 read report

The Manchester Committee on Administration had a lengthy discussion on solid waste last night, hearing not only from a company that provides pay as you throw services to more than eight hundred communities nationwide, but also from officials from the city of Worcester, MA about their more than two decades of experience with the bag and tag program they say not only has worked well, but was also opposed much as it is in Manchester.  The official said people hated the concept before it was implemented, but have loved it in practice.

A community wide blood drive is being held in Goffstown this Saturday from nine to three at the Odd Fellows Lodge at forty two Mountain Road.  Police officials who published the notice say blood supplies are very low and the public’s help is needed.  The Red Cross will, of course, handle the drive.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next.