Sid Glassner(Hour 3b, c) Rich discussed HB 1586, HB 1587 and HB 1508.  These important bills are being heard at the State House today and Senior Fellow Sid Glassner will be there to testify.  What’s happening in Concord is indicative of what’s happening across the country, says Glassner, in the ongoing “Resistance to Common Core.”  Questions that should have been asked BEFORE the implementation of Common Core are being asked now, and we are STILL waiting for the answers from “Blind Faith” Educrats & politicians.  Glassner contends that the Federal Government’s intervention in Public Education has been a complete failure and cites America’s amazing success DESPITE the Fed’s failed efforts.  Glassner also explains why vague standards are preferable to the federal ones so, “Teachers can Teach!”  Jane, a teacher from Bedford called in and added, “It’s all part of Collectivism, and we should run in the other direction.”

02-20-2014 Hour 3b, c