MHT Aldermen(Hour 2a, Hour 3a) We listened to audio from Tuesday’s Meeting of the Mayor & Aldermen.  Clips in Hour 2a included statements from Officer Steve Maloney, Alderman Pat Long and Alderman Jim Roy.  Jim Gaudet joined us prior to his segment on Public Safety (Hour 2b – Gaudet on Levasseur, Lawsuits against Weare PD).  In Hour 3a, we heard statements from Alderman Keith Hirschmann and Alderman Bill Shea, who delcared, “Joe Kelly Levasseur doesn’t deserve to be an Alderman!”  We couldn’t agree more, Alderman Shea.

Watch our exclusive video of the censuring of Alderman Levasseur.

(Hour 2a) 02-20-2014 Hour 2a

(Hour 3a) 02-20-2014 Hour 3a