On his public access television show which aired live on Wednesday night at 8:00, Alderman at Large Joe Levasseur said he didn’t call Joe Kelly LevasseurManchester Police Patrolman’s Association President Steven Maloney a “twerp,” nor did he call Manchester Police Chief David Mara a “weasel” following the issuance of the Attorney General’s report.  He also denied referring to Attorney General Joseph Foster as “inept” and asking how he could be fired.

The posts below, which were sent to Girard at Large by someone who follows Levasseur’s Facebook page, clearly prove otherwise.  In as much as Levasseur said he wanted pictures to prove he said it, we’re happy to oblige, especially since we were the first, and so far only, news outlet to report on them.  We’ve highlighted the actual quotes cited by Chief Mara in his testimony before the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on the evening of Tuesday, February 18, 2014.

JKL FB 2-16 & 2-12 twerp/weasel

JKL FB 2-13-14 inept/fired

JKL FB 2-17-14 read report