Girard at Large received several emails from parents who wanted to share their testimony on NH House bill 1508 , which was heard a second time on Thursday, February 20, 2014.  We received reports that common core math lessonthe hearing started a half hour early and that the hearing was closed before all who wanted to speak had spoken.  As a public service, we are posting all of the emails we received from those who wanted their testimony to be know in this post.

In doing so, we note that not one parent who has spoken at either of the hearings on this bill has testified against this bill.  The few who have, have been “educrats” invested in the decision to adopt the Common Core national standards, groups subject to their authority, or corporate entities whose interests just might not be the same as parents.  A petition with more than 700 signatures supporting the bill/opposing the national standards was also submitted by Anne Marie Banfield of Education Liason of Cornerstone Policy Research/Cornerstone Action.

Here’s some of what was in our inbox.

Catie McLaughlin

Christine Mukai of Amherst NH 1

Christine Mukai of Amherst NH 2

Diane Pauer of Brookline NH

Kim Pezzetti of Londonderry

Stacie Ohsberg Hampton Falls NH

Vince & Anne Merola Wolfeboro NH

Karen Sheldon

Debra Hobson of East Kingston NH