Hooksett School Board Chair Trisha “The Gavel” Korkosz trashed a variety of folks in a Facebook post that drew responses from many of it’s victims.  We are fortunate that we captured some of their replies before she eliminated them from her page.  Board Vice Chair David Pearl and Board Member John Lyscars were among those who responded.  We’ve provided their comments below this post from Korkosz:

So a week ago in Allenstown, NH 1 million dollars was cut from the School District Budget. I would have hoped that may have sounded an alarm to all communities that the Deliberative Sessions were important. While last night an amendment was made to cut Hooksetts Budget by approximately 745,000 (that is 2 1/2 percent) courtesy of Jason Hyde. My heart nearly came out of my chest. That would devastate our school district. A very dear mentor suggested a book to me While you were sleeping by JFK. It was eye opening. It was a about what Germany was doing while England was sleeping pre World War II. Well HOOKSETT, your school district is in JEOPARDY. People in this town (the JH, MM, DP) think our children could stomach a 2 1/2 to a 10% cut in what we provide them. DP and JL think it’s okay to cyberbully and cyber harrass our administration, your school board, our teachers, our staff, and citizens that do not agree with them. JL, DP, TL, and MM think it is their first amendment right to say and do whatever they want to whomever they want. I truly hope this community realizes what is and is not at stake on March 11. Now what the people you vote for stand for, what they have stood for in the past, know who they associated with after the meetings, don’t be impressed by a polished look. They could have an agenda. I will be praying for the next month that the feeling I went to bed with last night isn’t how I feel on March 11.

What Hooksett School Board Members Have To Deal With Behind The Scenes:
8:13 AM (21 minutes ago)Frankly, I can’t believe you would post this trash.
Please retract your statements regarding me.
I have never harassed, cyber bullied, I did not support a 10% cut.

John Lyscars lyscars4hsb@gmail.com
8:34 AM (0 minutes ago)

to David, Hooksett
Chair Korkosz,

I take your attack as the Hooksett School Board Chair person here as an attack on an
elected Hooksett School Board representative and I also take umbrage with your comments.
I emphatically deny that I have ever taken part in the “cyberbully” or “cyber harrassing” of
our administration, the school board, our teachers, our staff or citizens that do not agree with me.

Furthermore, I will state for the record again, that throughout this entire first year of my
being elected to the position of Hooksett School Board, I have felt threatened and harassed
by the Superintendent of Schools Dr. Charles P. Littlefield, by you Chair person of the Hooksett
School Board, Trisha Korkosz, by the Chair person of the High School Warrant Article
Committee, Mr. Denbow and by the Hooksett School Board Clerk, Mrs. Akstin.

I will continue to be a voice for the Hooksett citizens who have elected me no matter how much
political or legal pressure is applied to me directly, which results in pressure applied indirectly
to an employee of the Hooksett School District, my wife Debra Lyscars, a first grade teacher at
Underhill Elementary school.

Your comments outside the Board room, along with the editorial comments of Mr. Denbow in
the local newspaper full of untruths and false accusations attacking the character of Board
member Pearl and myself are disgusting and will not be tolerated by the citizens of Hooksett.

John Lyscars

“I Listen, Learn and Take Action for Hooksett!”

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