JKL(Hour 1b, 1c, Hour 2a) Rich took Alderman Joe Kelly Levasseur to task for his continued lies and called him out for his “forgetfulness” about public posts he made on Facebook.  Those posts were shared with us by friends of Joe (we’re not lucky enough to be his friends) and we were happy to share them.  We listened to the statements against Levasseur at last week’s Meeting of the Mayor and Aldermen made by former Alderman Phil Greazzo and Police Chief David Mara.  In Hour 2a, our Humble Host and his “Posse” also called out Joe’s followers for their bewildering blind faith.  Read more in the On Air News Read

(Hour 1b, c) 02-24-2014 Hour 1b, c

(Hour 2a) 02-24-2014 Hour 2a