What is happening to Goffstown? Have we lost our basic rights? Why are officials pushing agendas that the majority does not want? Why does the 1% of our town profit at the expense and misery of the majority?  Why do some of our officials have iron fists and have the attitude of:  it is their way or the highway? Why do some try to silence us?  Why don’t they want us to know? Have we voted for the wrong people? Have we given too much power to our officials?

Did you know that despite a petition signed by hundreds of registered voters, Phil D’Avanza, a current Selectmen and a candidate that is running for the Planning Board is going against RSA 39:3 when he is refusing to put an article for an electronic message board on our ballot.  Due to some of our officials trying to slip in plans like Plan Pinardville without much advertising, our residents wanted the opportunity to vote upon an electronic message board in order to be notified publically of important town, planning board and zoning board meetings.

Did you know that Peter Georgantas, our current Budget Committee Chairman, and a candidate that is also running for selectmen refused to accept a petition signed by 54+ registered voters requesting that the board please try lowering the budget and in turn reduce tax increases?  The Budget Committee’s response to voters/residents was: to get a reverse mortgage or to go to social services.  Yes, this is true and can all be verified on GTV.

Please do remember that Phil D’Avanza was the selectmen’s representative on the planning board that pushed for Plan Pinardville despite the 600+ people that were against it. Please view the Meet the Candidates video on GTV and hear that Attorney Jim Raymond (also a candidate for Planning Board) has been working on the Ready Set Go (a program similar to Plan Pinardville).  Without our residents consent, we have already been put on this Ready Set Go NH site and both Phil D’Avanza and Attorney Raymond will soon be pushing for this program.

This Ready Set Go Program is a program that will not only affect Pinardville but will affect lots throughout Goffstown that are 1acre+.  This program involves the anything goes attitude with its mixed use and high density plans. This program can also involve government housing and section 8.

I do urge everyone to help us stop this chaos. Please vote on March 11 for people that that will listen and work for us:

John Burt for Selectmen
John Hikel & Mark Warden for Planning Board.

Gaetane Benner