Slander(Hour 2a, Hour 3a) Alderman at Large Joe Kelly Levasseur stopped by our humble host’s home yesterday to pay him the “courtesy” of a court injunction he’s filed.  Was it also an attempt to intimidate?  Tune in for the details and Rich’s response (hint: Rich isn’t intimidated and neither is Mrs. Girard).

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Publisher’s NOTE:  Since publishing this story, Girard at Large has learned that Union Leader reporter Nancy West did in fact obtain the material from the city’s Information Systems Department and, as we did, went there with a thumb drive to obtain the material without any charge.   We’ll have more on this tomorrow.  The request was originally made at the end of August.  Our request was made in January.

(Hour 2a) 02-26-2014 Hour 2a

(Hour 3a) 02-26-2014 Hour 3a