My opinion — it’s about time Bedford cleaned house
by Jane Aitken, Bedford Resident Since 1989

Bill Greiner, Jim Scanlon, Mike Scanlon

Bill Greiner, Jim Scanlon, Mike Scanlon

It’s town meeting time in Bedford and predictably, things have gotten ugly. We know the drill as we’ve been victims of similar attacks in the past. These folks should redeem themselves right now and apologize for the disinformation they have spread.

You may be wondering what on earth caused Bill Greiner’s recent off-the-wall tirade on YouTube. Seems some well-educated, successful, and extremely personable young Bedford residents have stepped up to volunteer for the thankless jobs of town council and school board. Frankly this new blood is just what Bedford has needed for a very long time.

These tantrums are nothing new. Does Mr. Greiner really believe his own conspiracy theories about people moving here for the purpose of “colonizing” a town and plotting to take away its roads, services, or laws? We cannot imagine how such a fantastic plot would be done, let alone by a lone school board member or lone town councilor. Further we recommend that Bill brush up on his definitions. True “anarchists” generally do not volunteer to serve on boards nor do they vote. True anarchists actually pose no threat to anyone because frankly, they don’t do much of anything political. But we suspect that is not the reason for Greiner’s tirade. Greiner, an outsider himself, doesn’t mind thinking of Bedford as his personal fiefdom. There are few he has not tried to influence, yet he is insinuating that others might try to “take over” or even more ridiculously he suggests, “promote lawlessness”.

We also noted a desperate attempt to misuse a town ordinance in order to indict the subjects of his attacks in the press. ( Remember bully Michael Scanlon’s $70,000 signs? Or, his attempt to take over your private water well in 2005? ) Remember, these guys were part of a group who felt building the high school was sooooo important that a cabal of sympathizers routinely harassed and frightened women who were opposed to it.

And isn’t it just a little suspicious to be complaining about your taxes while at the same time aligning yourself with the TQE crowd?

Greiner asks for taxes to be delayed:

Hear Bill Greiner, without his usual sidekick Michael Scanlon:

Then we have a Mr. Jim Scanlon, (not to be confused with or related to Michael Scanlon) a Town Councilor who in our opinion, made some rather incoherent , inaccurate and inappropriate remarks during a televised Town Council Meeting. We didn’t know it was the Town Council’s job to tell the Bedford Taxpayers Association, a private group, whom to endorse. We assume he was ranting about the bond to fix our roads. But we are puzzled since the candidate in question has never opposed the road bond, and the school board has nothing to do with that issue, so why the misrepresentation Jim?

Oh wait, we remember you now…

You’re the guy that stood up at a school board meeting and said those of us who did not want the UN to run our high school curriculum didn’t want the kids to learn languages and suggested therefore, that we were “xenophobic”. Really? We wonder if our administration in Bedford is that incapable of providing language courses that they need guidance from the UN’s at an extra cost to the taxpayers. (By the way, this writer is herself an ethnic who learned two new languages in grade 5 as part of a talented and gifted program, went on to learn two more in high school, and another two in college. One of those languages was Latin… which is why my generation can spell. So, we can hardly be called xenophobic.)

Hear Jim ramble here:


You may not remember the Taxpayers for Quality Education since they only appear when their funding is threatened. They are the school-spenders-without-limits crowd and they are up to their old tricks. They recently mailed out a hysterical card that made no mention whatsoever of how education would suffer if they didn’t get their money. If only these school spendbots cared as much about the quality of the education being dispensed inside the walls of the Taj Mahal. You have to ask, why is the private math tutoring business booming in Bedford? (We think you know the answer.) Why did we hand our high school over to the UN? People who are truly caring of education want to know, but you never hear peep from the TQE about either of those two problems.

In that mailer, we read a lot of unspecific rhetoric about education being in “clear and present danger”, along with veiled accusations that have no basis in fact, intended to scare people into voting for anything TQE would demand. Do these parents have a life of their own, or are they living vicariously through their children for whom they think the taxpayer should provide an endless spigot of money?

While both TQE and Greiner make references and objections to “outsiders”, Greiner himself is a New York transplant. It appears that both he and TQE support a truly foreign interest, the United Nations. Bedford High School has purchased a program from the UN offshoot group known as the This organization provides classroom materials and lessons that are fraught with Marxist propaganda and revisionist history. The IBO makes no bones about the intent to use the students as political mules in order to push their anti-sovereignty and wealth redistribution goals. Do Greiner and TQE really think they have the right to complain about “outsiders” who have moved to NH because they think it’s a great place to live?

And who can forget the hyperbole and outright lies told by TQE when they were promoting the high school? Remember the “3 dimes” flyer? Here it is for your edification. Whose taxes only went up “3 dimes”? Anyone? Anyone?

See the “Three Dimes” postcard:

The idea that the TQE would exaggerate is not new.
As clearly as you were being lied to then, and you are being lied to now.


Apparently Canada has had some experience with an “outsider” named Greiner.

Yes it’s time the bullies retire and go fishing, permanently. People are getting tired of their politics of personal destruction.

Come meet two fine candidates; Aaron Day for School Board and Matt Philips for Town Council, tomorrow morning, Saturday March 8 at 7 Chubbuck Road Bedford (transfer station) from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM. And pick up a sign while you’re there.

Let’s vote for youth, honesty, gentility and the ivy league and leave the unethical Chicago-style strongarm tactics behind.

Update: You can hear these two gentleman speak to the vicious rumors being spread about them here: