Ed Naile(Hour 1c) Ed Naile described the “tight little community” that Organized Vote Thieves are and revealed where they “resided” such as 3 Woodley Road Lebanon, 1200 Elm Street Manchester, and 9 Bartlett Avenue Nashua.  That community apparently includes NH college students like Parker Gilbert and Lisa Barons from the United Kingdom that vote here with a college ID.  Lisa Barons worked with Janice Rottenberg in NH on the Organizing for America campaign and in Virginia for Governor Terry McAuliffe. Joining that “dual citizen” list is Daniel K. Barluschke, of Germany, who used Millie Knudson’s home address to fraudulently vote. Tune in for the “dual citizenship” details.

Kathy Sullivan (of all people) called into question the eligibility of Walt Haverstein’s campaign for Governor due to an issue with homestead. Not quite the same as Chuck Rolecek’s homestead issue in SC.  Listen in and find out why.

Read the Nashua Telegraph’s Domicile question clouds candidacy

Visit the American Bridge PAC website.

Here are the voter records showing the address at which Janice Rottenberg votes, along with those that actually live there who are facilitating her fraudulent activity.

03-26-2014 Hour 1c