Ed Naile(Hour 1c) The Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers joined us share more of his late night internet surfing fraudster discoveries.  Ed “Nailes” more shady nesters in Manchester and he read off his short list of voters domiciled at 3 Woodley Road Lebanon, 19 Harvard Street Nashua, 529 Timber Lane and 344 Iron Foundry Road Franconia, 28 Concord Street Peterborough, 107 Penacook Street Concord, 37 Highland Street Meredith, 437 Second Avenue Berlin, and 181 Easter Avenue,254 Cedar Street, 95 River Road, and  1200 Elm Street Manchester.  By keeping track of known voter nests, when fraudulent voters like Caitlin Ann Legacki and Geoff Wetrosky come back to NH, it’ll be easier to track them down. Speaking of voter fraud, Rich shared his conversation with Manchester City Clerk Matthew Normand who stated that of the 8,100 voters mailed, 4,400 were returned undeliverable!  That’s 54%!  Naile also discussed the bypassing of ballot law by potential candidates in NH and the State House reporting skills of the Nashua Telegraph’s Kevin Landrigan regarding Walt Havenstein.

04-02-2014 Hour 1c