Debra Livingston and Fred Bramante(Hour 1a, b, c) Former Chairman of the NH Board of Education Fred Bramante and Manchester Superintendent of Schools Debra Livingston joined us to discuss the 10,000 Mentors program.  The Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) program would involve mentors in the business community.  Bramante described the initiative and Dr. Livingston explained her hopes for increasing success rates for students after High School.

(Hour 1a) 04-07-2014 Hour 1a

The Academic Training Internship is explained.  How will the academics of these internships be measured?  Are the goals about better working skills or thinking skills?  How do we measure a successful education?

(Hour 1b) 04-07-2014 Hour 1b

Bramante and Livingston discuss proficiency levels.  Are students currently learning the basics?  Is this sort of initiative part of the proper role for schools?  Jack from Manchester called in and asked, “Is this less Shakespeare and more technical training?”  Livingston responded and Bramante cited data on the success of similar ELO programs in MA.

(Hour 1c) 04-07-2014 Hour 1c