CNHT Ed Naile(Hour 1c) Ed Naile of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers is leading the grassroots effort for clean elections. James O’Keefe certainly demonstrated there was a major problem in NH, as he was able to attain ballots giving deceased peoples names. NH Secretary of State William Gardner pointed out that because of John Lyon’s court ruling, he was now receiving emails from people in California and other states that wanted to claim “mobile domicile” so they too could vote in NH. In this discussion, NH is not alone with its voter fraud issues. He points to the problem in North Carolina where 35,000 people were found on the state-wide voter checklists voting in two states. Among them was Caitlin Ann Legacki, who campaigned for Kay Hagan in NC.

Naile described the consortium that 28 states belong to that share voter list information to prevent fraud.  NH is not in the consortium, but MA is.  Sounds like fertile hunting ground for the folks at CNHT!  Short of a NH Voter ID law (that doesn’t get vetoed by a Democratic Governor, including John Lynch and Senator Jeanne Shaheen), these are some of the avenues that need to be explored to “Naile” the folks who vote here, but don’t live here, like Caitlin Ann Legacki, Janice Rottenberg, and Lisa Barons. Ed also uncovered that Josh Schwerin was in NH and worked with Janice Rottenberg in Virginia on Terry McAuliffe’s campaign. These campaigners move from state to state and thanks to Coalition of NH Taxpayers they are now being tracked. When is the NH Attorney General’s office going to take the necessary actions to prevent and prosecute voter fraud in our state?

04-09-2014 Hour 1c