Jeff Frost(Hour 2a, b) Jeff Frost shared the disturbing details of the governmental abuse and excess he encountered firsthand by the NH AG’s Officeand NH Banking Dept.  A former pilot for American Airlines who turned to real estate, Frost got involved in a bad real estate deal and ended up having to deal with an overagressive clerical investigator for the NH AG’s office on an apparent crusade regardless of the facts.  Or the laws!  Tune in for the head-numbing details on the “bus out of control” situation that ensued.

(Hour 2a) 04-15-2014 Hour 2a

Frost explains his legal journey,k where the case is now, the $525,000 in fines he’s been accosted with and the $175,000 in legal fees he’s amassed fighting the constitutional violations of the NH Attorney General’s Office under former AG Michael Delaney.  Frost is requesting our support (be sure to read the e-mail below with the details for tomorrow’s hearing).

(Hour 2b) 04-15-2014 Hour 2b


Your Constitutional Rights are D. O. A. in NH

Dear Friends, Many of know, if not all of you know, that Kate and I had a very terrible experience with a few individuals within the NH state government. Jeffrey Frost, et al, v Michael Delaney, et al
ON APRIL 16th, at 10AM,  300 Chestnut Street, Manchester, NH 03101.- A court judge only hearing.   Come observe.
All I am asking for is a jury of my peers, and theirs- to judge the State’s employees/surrogates guilt or innocence and their accountability to our State and U.S. Constitutions. This is the last chance for justice and the judge’s review as to whether he will allow 12 public jurors to hear this case.
Based on a known multi-bankrupted fraudulent suspended lawyer’s single complaint against me- the state made 3 illegal searches into my home and the offices of Cronin and Bisson, PC. They then followed this by arresting me and charging me with 3 unconstitutional retro active charges and one totally non existent charge of “predatory” lending.
What makes this so important to all of you is;
1. It can and will happen more often in some form and degree if this is let to pass.
2. With out any accountability in this case to those involved at the state, and the state of NH, because they are “immune or immunity” – protected by the state no matter how egregious the abuse, then our very motto of, “Live Free or Die” and our State and U.S. Constitutional protections- are being made to look like a sham and are being ignored.
Remember, a private lawyer also acting as a part time District Court prosecutor for the State of NH, a Federal Judge, and multiple other real estate lawyers confirmed and or sanctioned our protests of legality to these state surrogates who violated my family’s rights that-   I/we/ the LLC had been nothing but legal in what the state professed was not, by way of their haste and mindset.
All of the pre- 3 illegal search professions that- I/We/ the LLC were legal in every form and that they were going against a mountain of laws of which they were ignoring was later, after my arrest and their self serving press release,–confirmed by 4 different courts up to the NH Supreme Court. And now they want Immunity after they crucified us for an innocent, decades old, common act of selling a home with a private contract and taking back a buyers requested mortgage!
Jeff Frost
232 North Street
Manchester, NH 03104