CNHT Ed Naile(Hour 1c) Ed Naile talked about a Right to Know issue in Atkinson, NH.  Apparently, they don’t like photographers at
public meetings there.  Do they call the police to have photographers removed like they do in Goffstown?

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers President described the process that’s been laid out for catching Vote Thieves in our own backyard.  That process goes beyond NH’s borders and includes partnerships with other non-profit organizations from all across the country, including True the Vote TX and Voter Integrity Project of Ohio. They are doing such a good job, they are being sued by the NAACP, which Ed comments is a badge of honor.

The Voter Integrity Project of NC is another one of them.  Comprised of retired military, they share a common goal with CNHT: to clean up widespread Voter Fraud!  Wouldn’t it be great if State Attorney Generals did their jobs so they wouldn’t have to.  Also, are crooked counties trying to destroy the evidence that these organizations are using to nab the fraudsters?

04-16-2014 Hour 1c