Jeff Czarnec(Hour 2b) Dr. Jeff Czarnec credited Bob Smith for being “right on point” and he saluted Joe Biron for setting a new honor flight record in Washington DC.  Czarnec had “moron” the frivolous lawsuits that make us scratch our heads.

Incidents discussed: a woman who backed her car into a pond and drowned because she couldn’t unbuckle her seatbelt.  Her family sued Honda and won millions.  The fact that the woman had a blood alcohol content of .17 didn’t matter to the judge?

Also, Kraft gets sued for trans fat in their food, a man breaks into a bar & gets electrocuted (of course it’s the bar owner’s fault) and a guy that sued a beer company because drinking their product gave him a beer gut.  OMH!

04-18-2014 Hour 2b