Scott Brown(Hour 3a) Former Bay State Senator Scott Brown joined us to discuss his Senate run in NH.  Brown expressed his avid support for the Keystone Pipeline, a “no-brainer” that would promote energy independence, enchance our relationship with Canada and provide good paying jobs.

Will Senator Shaheen stand with President Obama again, like she does 99% of the time?

Brown also hammered Shaheen for ramming through Obamacare.  The higher premiums and deductibles along with the business-killing mandates have been a disaster.  “Healthcare fixes could have been done better. We need to repeal.”

Brown talked about healthcare for our Veterans.  Cuts on Veteran’s healthcare services are not the path he would take. “We need a top to bottom review.”  Brown also shared his position on Common Core.  “Another example of the Federal Government getting bigger and bigger.  Education is best managed at the local level and I don’t believe Common Core does that.”

04-30-2014 Hour 3a