Dr. Debra Livingston(Hour 2a, 3a) Our “wish I didn’t feel this way” host felt that way after reading the Federal DOE website (Office of Civil Rights).  Rich has SERIOUS questions for Superintendent Debra Livingston about the Manchester School District’s settlement with the the Department of Education.  So should every member of the Manchester School Board.

Eddie from Manchester called in to ask why the School Board had ZERO SAY on this settlement.

(Hour 2a) 05-05-2014 Hour 2a

Folks at Dartmouth College and at the DOE would probably consider us racist for using the word fiesta in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  Hope we didn’t break the same “terms of agreement” that got the Manchester School District in hot water with the U.S. Dept. of Education Office for Civil Rights.

How will the settlement affect school district policy in the future?

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(Hour 3a) 05-05-2014 Hour 3a