Sid Glassner(Hour 3b, c) Rich finished his thoughts on the previous segment about Jim O’Connell and “Union Tool” Bill Duncan.  Senior Fellow Sid Glassner joined in on the Duncan chorus.

Glassner believes that Duncan brings nothing to the education table professionally.  He is suspicious of the troublesome nomination and questions the ideology of Duncan and the woman that nominated him, Governor Maggie Hassan.

Glassner doesn’t have a high opinion of charter schools.  He also believes that teacher’s unions can be good.  But they haven’t taken stands for the kids.  And that’s bad.

(Hour 3b) 05-08-2014 Hour 3b

Glassner discussed the “union-approved pardigm” that our public education system is built on.  The Senior Fellow also called out Governor Hassan for being a “parrot” on education.  Something that parents have to face when challenging local school boards.

Harriet Cady called in to challenge Sid on his opinion of charter schools.  “When parents get to choose where they send their kids, they get involved.”

Finally, Glassner commented on the intrusion and overreach of the federal government in our public schools.  He criticized the school administrators who “don’t sit on the same stage with people in opposition.   And they’re hiding from Common Core because they can’t support it with any evidence.”

(Hour 3c) 05-08-2014 Hour 3c