Bill Duncan(Hour 3a) State Rep JR Hoell called in to comment on Governor Hassan’s nomination of Bill Duncan to the NH Board of Education.  “She nominated the most polarizing figure she could find,” said Hoell.

Hoell questioned Duncan’s opposition to charter schools, a system that delivers better education at lower costs.  Rich alluded to the standing room only crowd at last night’s information session at the Founder’s Academy.  Obviously there’s a public interest for such schools.

Also discussed was Executive Councilor Chris Pappas all-important swing vote on the nomination.  How will Pappas vote?  Hoell shared the phone number for the administrative staff for the Executive Council.

Jim O’Connell called in in support of the nomination and rankled our humble host with a misrepresentation of privately funded scholarship programs.

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05-08-2014 Hour 3a