Karen Testerman(Hour 1b) GOP Senate candidate Karen Testerman joined us to discuss her campaign.  Testerman described her ethnic heritage and her passion for the U.S. Constitution.  Testerman helped found the National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies.  The overreach of the Federal Government is her primary reason for running.

Frustrated NH residents are voicing their displeasure with the Federal Government to her.  The implementation of Obamacare is adversely affecting healthcare providers and patients.  Testerman shared the nightmare story of a breast cancer survivor that lost her prescriptions, insurance company, doctor and hospital because of Obamacare mandates.

We also discussed the Cliven Bundy incident in Nevada that involved federal agents and the Bureau of Land Management.  Why were armed agents sent for a civil matter?  Testerman criticized Senator Harry Reid for calling American’s “Domestic Terrorists” and she raised questions about the Senator’s role in the episode.  A land grab for a Solar Panel project?

Testerman explained what her focus would be as U.S. Senator.  She will be hosting a town hall meeting tomorrow at 2:30 at the NH Institute of Politics.

Learn more about her campaign at Karen Testerman for Senate.

05-08-2014 Hour 1b