Coalition for Bedford Youth(Hour 3a) Jonathan Zdziarski is a Bedford parent with questions on who the Coalition for Bedford Youth is and why they have any authority on school policy.  Rich read an e-mail that Zdziarski sent to the Bedford School Board.

According to Zdziarski, the data gleaned from the controversial student surveys was sent to this organization.  Data that may not be all too anonymous from surveys that were administered WITHOUT parental notification.

What is the CBY and how much clout does this non-profit organization have?  We’re trying to find information on this organization.  Why are there no tax returns on file?  No Board of Directors listed?  No ability to know their source of revenue or their expenses?  Can anybody find a policy decision by the Bedford School Board that says it’s okay to give CBY survey information?

This is the sort of bureaucratic BS that parents all across NH have become all too familiar with.  What can parents and concerned citizens do to hold School Boards accountable and counter this political indoctrination?

Here’s one solution: attending Saturday’s NH Right to Know Seminar in Concord on Saturday, May 17th.


05-12-2014 Hour 3

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