Kimberly Morin(Hour 3b) Kimberly Morin writes for and she explained AP standards to us.  She’s a writer and a FIGHTA, not a blogger!  What’s happening at the NH State House?

SB 308 will cost how much money for out-of-state consultants to study healthcare delivery?  SB 415 will determine how to save, or spend the $15 million rainy day fund in Concord.  We thought there was a $72 million surplus…

SB 307, the Citizens United Bill, would establish a committee to study a possible amendment to our state constitution to limit campaign contributions by corporations.

SB 120 and SB 319 are bills that could have a big impact on our free speech.  Manchester Alderman Pat Long co-sponsored the Buffer Zone bill (SB 319), but he may no longer be supporting it.  Long will be in tomorrow morning to debate that and other issues.

Morin thinks it’s a good idea for NH residents to listen to our elected officials in Concord.  She called out Senate Democrat Timothy Horrigan for advocating for EBT users to be able to purchase guns with their EBT cards.

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05-12-2014 Hour 3b