Pat Long(Hour 1a, b) Manchester Alderman Pat Long came in bright and early this morning.  He clarified the parking fee increases and parking free zones for residents.  Long debated the logic behind the Board’s decision to raise the rates for downtown businesses, employees and potential customers.

(Hour 1a) 05-13-2014 Hour 1a

Alderman Long put on his State Rep. hat for a discussion on SB 319, a bill he co-sponsored.  The Buffer Zone Bill would require abortion opponents to remain at least 25 feet away from accessways to reproductive health care facilities like Planned Parenthood.

Pat and Rich had a hearty debate on the right to assemble and freedom of speech vs. “the right to be not offended or have somone yell in your face.”

Long also discussed the City Budget.  Will we have to override the City’s Tax Cap?  By how much?  Will there be no raises for City employees this year?

(Hour 1b) 05-13-2014 Hour 1b