Jim Rubens(Hour 1b) Jim Rubens called in from the campaign trail for U.S. Senate.  He was very critical of  NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Republican opponent Scott Brown for not leading on the Veteran’s Healthcare Scandal.

Allegations and whistle blowers have emerged in four states about VA officials gaming the system and falsifying waitlists so administrators could receive bonuses.  Over 40 servicemen have died as result.

Rubens called out Shaheen and Brown for not acting on evidence discovered by a U.S. Senate Veteran’s Affairs Committee OVER TWO YEARS AGO.  “Elected officials should raise the rafters on this!”

Rubens predicted it will all get worse with Obamacare and it’s $1.4 trillion projected costs (that we’re borrowing).  He recommended Free Market solutions for veterans vs. Federal Government bureaucracy.

“Leadership lacking in Washington DC,” chided Rubens, “we need to improve the healthcare situation for our veterans.  We owe it to them!”

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05-14-2014 Hour 1b